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Are the Great Opportunities Already Taken? Exploring Franchising’s White Spaces

For the past five years, franchising has outpaced the overall economy, showing growth every single year and adding over a million jobs to the American workforce. In 2015, franchising beat experts’ positive predictions, growing by 1.7 percent. This year, it’s expected to grow by that m

But Wait… Are Franchise Business Plans Really Necessary?

We all have heard this argument time and time again. Should a new entrepreneur create a business plan? Mention this in a room filled with successful business owners and you will see mixed reactions. Some will nod their heads and then go through a laundry list of reasons why it would b

Funding a Franchise Business: How To Leverage Available Capital

There it is. After numerous searches of available franchises, you finally found one to sink your corporate teeth into. It has everything that you always wanted; there is a great franchise system and brand recognition set up, the franchise is in an industry you can really get behind, a

What Is Franchising?

Most of us can name some well-known franchises off the top of our heads—McDonald’s, Subway, Dunkin’ Donuts—but do you really understand what is franchising? Question: What is franchising? Franchising is a business model. While we tend to think of fast food restaurants when we th

How to Find the Best Franchise Opportunities

The franchise business model is a  popular one. Franchises are available in nearly any type of business you can imagine. So how do you find the best franchise opportunities? It takes research and experience.   The first place to start is with yourself. You cannot begin to identif

Finding A Franchise Attorney

Investing in a franchise business successfully requires business savvy, legwork, and a whole lot of legal documents. Before you head too far down that road you will want to find a good franchise attorney. The first official document you receive as you consider becoming a franchise own

Franchise Consultants: What Do They Look for in a Franchise?

by Pete Gilfillan The job of a franchise consultant is to match qualified candidates with proven franchise opportunities. So what do they look for in a franchise? Proven Systems. That is the backbone of a good franchise business. The business must be repeatable, and that requires soli

The Franchise Agreement – 7 Points to Be Crystal Clear On

One of the most important documents you will sign as a new franchisee is the franchise agreement. That document defines the relationship between you—the franchisee—and the franchisor. Before you sign on the dotted line, note these 7 points to be crystal clear on: Territory—not all fra

Senior Care Franchises and 7 Reasons Why They’re Thriving

Senior care franchises are one of the fastest growing franchise opportunities. Why are they so hot right now? Here are 7 reasons why senior care franchises are thriving: Baby Boomers. That demographic we have been hearing about for decades is aging, and they are impacting the business

Common Fast Food Franchises

One of the most recognized franchise categories is fast food. So what are some common fast food franchises?