Connecting Successful Business People with Winning Franchise Opportunities

The Skill and Expertise of a Franchise Consultant

Most of us are accustomed to enlisting the help of a professional when venturing into something new or outside our own expertise. We hire attorneys to write our wills, realtors to help us buy and sell houses and plumbers to keep our drains clear. So if you are considering launching a

Common Fast Food Franchises

One of the most recognized franchise categories is fast food. So what are some common fast food franchises?

The Benefits of Franchising

Done right, franchising can be a fast track to launching a business. Unlike other start-ups, the greatest benefit of franchising is working with a proven system. Franchisors have already developed winning concepts for successful businesses, and they have done much of the legwork for y

How to Name a Franchise – The Importance of Franchise Names

by Pete Gilfillan McDonald’s. Subway. Supercuts. Those are household names today, but in the beginning each was just a business idea. Choosing the right name for any business is important, but it becomes vital when creating a franchise. Ideas for Franchise Names There are a number of

Is Franchising a Good Idea?

The decision to buy a franchise business can be a life-changing one. When considering whether franchising is a good idea for you, several factors should be evaluated. The advantages of franchising  are many.

10 Famous Entrepreneurs

There is much to be learned from successful entrepreneurs. Here is a brief introduction to 10 famous entrepreneurs and what they can teach us about running a business.

10 Famous Entrepreneur Quotes

Need a little inspiration? Here are some words of wisdom from famous entrepreneurs.

Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

If you are wondering whether you have what it takes to strike out on your own, you can learn a lot by studying the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. Every business owner has his own story, but successful entrepreneurs share some common traits.

Tips for Finding a Franchise Loan

An important step toward becoming a franchise business owner will be determining how you will finance your investment. While some franchisees have access to plenty of capital to fund a new business, most will need to secure at least partial financing. Finding a franchise loan takes re

Licensing versus Franchising

The difference between licensing and franchising can be confusing, but the terms are not interchangeable, and it is important to understand the unique characteristics of each. This will help you better understand licensing versus franchising. Licensing allows a business to sell intell